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Workshop on optimisation of demand flexibility

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We are organising a workshop on “Demand flexibility in the electrical power sector”. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the concept of demand flexibility, and how it can be used to stabilise grids, to reduce cost, and to reduce emissions. It is geared towards those with an interest in power grids and in energy markets or in applied mathematical optimization.


Seminar Details

Led by Dr. Jorn Baayen (LinkedIn profile), an expert in the field and leader of the demand flex architecture team at a large multinational energy company, the seminar promises engaging sessions and hands-on workshops. The course is free of charge and after completion of two workshop days and completing the project, there is an opportunity to receive a course certificate equivalent to 3 ECTS.

You can find some additional details in this PDF.


Workshop I – 1. February 2024:

Time: 9:00  - 15:45

Location: Delta Centre, Narva mnt 18, Tartu

Room: 1020

  • Power grid stability

  • Concepts of power markets

  • Demand flexibility and value stacking

  • Mathematical optimization in demand flexibility

Workshop II – 2. February 2024:

Time: 9:30 - 16:00
Location: Delta Centre, Narva mnt 18, Tartu

Room: 2004

  • Hands-on project using open-source software (RTC-Tools)


To ensure you fully benefit from the workshop II, we recommend participants have some basic knowledge of calculus and Python. 


Registration link:

Registration deadline: 24.01.2024

As the event is free of charge, we will be grateful if you decide to contribute to the scholarship fund for undergraduate students. The fund is used to provide a scholarship to more students.


For any inquiries feel free to contact Johann Langemets ( or Oskar Soop (

Delta building near Emajõgi

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