Mittekommutatiivsed struktuurid geomeetrias ja füüsikas

Geomeetria ja topoloogia uurimisrühmas alustab tööd teadusseminar "Mittekommutatiivsed struktuurid geomeetrias ja füüsikas" (Noncommutative Structures in Geometry and Physics). Seminar toimub neljapäeviti kell 14.15 - 16.00. Seminari eesmärk on anda üliõpilastele ja kolleegidele võimaluse tutvuda kaasaegse diferentsiaalgeomeetria meetoditega ja struktuuridega ning nende rakendustega teistes teadustes, esmajärjekorras teoreetilises füüsikas.

ID: 988 2417 0858
Parool: 681074

Millal Esineja Teema
15.04.2021 Emanuele Zappala (University of Tartu, Estonia)

In this talk, I will give some basic definitions and constructions in knot theory, and related concepts in low-dimensional topology, such as the theory of 3-manifolds. I will describe how to construct famous invariants of knots/links such as the Alexander polynomial, and the Jones polynomial. Moreover, I will discuss what quantum invariants of links and 3-manifolds are, and how they relate to topological quantum field theories. I will not presume any knowledge in geometric topology, so all the material will be covered in quite an elementary perspective, but plenty of references regarding where to find the main results will be given.

This talk contains some of the background material regarding the project, funded by the Estonian Research Council, that has brought me to the University of Tartu. I count on going into some details on the results of this project in other talks during the next month.