Topics and Grants of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics

Institutional and Personal Research Fundings in Progress

  1. Morita theory of semigroups and other structures (1.01.2021−31.12.2025). Principal investigator Professor Valdis Laan (PRG).
  2. Models for risk prediction in complex data structures (1.01.2021−31.12.2025). Principal investigator Professor Krista Fischer (PRG).
  3. Theoretical and numerical analysis of differential equations with fractional order derivatives, integral equations and ill-posed problems (1.01.2020-31.12.2024). Principal investigator Professor Arvet Pedas (PRG).
  4. Statistical modelling with hidden Markov models and model validation (1.01.2020-31.12.2024). Principal investigator Senior Research Fellow Kristi Kuljus (PRG).
  5. The big slice phenomena in Banach spaces with applications to the study of Lipschitz spaces (1.01.2020−31.12.2023). Principal investigator Research Fellow Johann Langemets (PSG).
  6. Lax monoidal structures and problems in a semi-abelian setting (01.07.2020−30.06.2022). Principal investigator Research Fellow Ülo Reimaa (PUTJD).

Completed Projects

  1. Geometry of the unit ball of a Banach space and the connections to diameter two properties (1.08.2018−31.07.2019). Principal investigator Research Fellow Johann Langemets (PUTJD).
  2. Morita equivalence of semigroups (1.01.2017−31.12.2020). Principal investigator Professor Valdis Laan (PUT).
  3. Genetic and epidemiological predictors for all-cause and cause-specific mortality in the Estonian population (1.01.2017-31.12.2020). Principal investigator Professor Krista Fischer (PUT).
  4. Mathematical statistics: theory and applications (01.01.2015-31.12.2020). Principal investigator Professor Jüri Lember (IUT).
  5. Structural Problems in Analysis, Algebra, and Geometry, with Applications to Numerical Analysis (01.01.2014-31.12.2019). Principal investigator Professor Viktor Abramov (IUT).
  6. Mathematical foundations of permutation codes (01.01.2018-31.12.2021). Principal investigator Research Fellow Ago-Erik Riet (PSG).
  7. Singular fractional integro-differential equations (1.12.2019−28.02.2021). Principal investigator Research Fellow Kaido Lätt (PUTJD).
  8. Extremal geometric structure of Banach spaces with applications to the study of Lipschitz function spaces, Lipschitz free spaces, and tensor products (1.01.2020−31.03.2021). Principal investigator Professor Rainis Haller (PRG).

Grants for Development of Education

  1. Good teaching grant 2020. Principal investigator Lecturer Tiina Kraav.
  2. Good teaching grant 2020. Principal investigator Lecturer Kaur Lumiste.
  3. Good teaching grant 2017. Principal investigator Research Fellow Johann Langemets.
  4. Good teaching grant 2016. Principal investigator Lecturer Natalja Lepik.
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