Extracurricular information

Job and Internship Opportunities
Several job and internship opportunities are available for students and alumni of the Mathematics and Statistics Institute. Job listings can be found here (in Estonian) and are also circulated through the student email list. If you are interested in conducting internships as a teaching assistant at the university, please contact Meelis Käärik for more information.

Student competitions
The Institute of Mathematics and Statistics often holds competitions on mathematics for students. Our students have performed well at the IMC (International Mathematics Competition) and many other international competitions. More information about the math competitions can be found here.

Our institute organises a wide range of seminars both about mathematics and statistics. All interested are welcome to attend.

The Student Council of our institute
The student representatives of our institute are part of UTSU (the University of Tartu Student Union) which stands for the interests of students. Read more about who represents you here and join our collective Facebook group.

MITS is an organisation meant for the students of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics and the Institute of Computer Science. Read more about their activities on Facebook.

University of Tartu students can enjoy discounted sports activities at the University of Tartu Academic Sports Club.


You can find information about the points of interest at the University of Tartu here.