Research Groups

The following research groups are at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics:

Head of the Research Group: Professor Valdis Laan

Research topics include semigroup theory, universal algebra, category theory, lattice theory and ring theory.

Applied Statistics
Head of the Research Group: Professor Krista Fischer

Research topics include biostatistics, multivariate statistics, financial mathematics, survey sampling and statistical applications in social sciences.

Fractional derivatives, differential and integral equations with singularities and ill-posed problems
Head of the Research Group: Arvet Pedas

Research topics include fractional derivatives, special differential and integral equations, and ill-posed problems.

Functional Analysis
Head of the Research Group: Professor Rainis Haller

Research topics include Lipschitz function spaces, Lipschitz-free spaces, tensor products, and the extremal geometric structure of Banach spaces.

Geometry and Topology
Head of the Research Group: Professor Viktor Abramov

Research topics include differential geometry  of surfaces, Riemann surfaces, connections in bundles and gauge field theories, Lie algebras and their generalisations, noncommutative geometry.

Random Processes
Head of the Research Group: Professor Jüri Lember

Research topics include hidden Markov models, random sequence comparison, maximum spacing method and model validation, and Moran-type evolution models.

Theoretical Mechanics
Head of the Research Group: Professor Jaan Lellep

Research topics include modeling the mechanical behavior and optimization of plates and shells in the case of different material models.

Topological algebras

Head of the group: Associate Professor Mart Abel

Research topics include general topological algebras, Segal topological algebras, categories of topological algebras.

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