Graduation Information

Submission of Master's Thesis:
an electronic copy named firstname_lastname.pdf to

Submission deadlines: 

For defense in June: May 22 2024.


The Institute of Mathematics and Statistics's template with guidelines for writing theses can be found here.
Read more about the overall regulations on publishing theses here. You can find the requirements for the graduation thesis in the Faculty of Science and Technology here.

Example files

Licence to Reproduce the Thesis

The document for Non-exclusive Licence to Reproduce Thesis (30. or 31.) can be found here. The author grants the university a permission to electronically publish the graduation thesis via the university’s web environment under the Creative Commons licence CC BY NC ND 4.0, which allows, by giving appropriate credit to the author, to reproduce, distribute the work and communicate it to the public, and prohibits the creation of derivative works and any commercial use of the work. The licence must be submitted in the electronic (PDF) file of the thesis and is the prerequisite for allowing the author to defend the thesis. The licence does not need to be signed – consent may be placed at the very end of the thesis.

In case there is a need for a closed defense or for restrictions related to the publication of the thesis, the corresponding application form can be found here (32.)

CERCS research specialisation classification can be found here. For actuarial and financial mathematics, the most used codes are between P110 and P190.

Using AI chatbots

The University of Tartu has developed a guideline for the use of AI chatbot. You can find the guide here.

The overall aim is to support students' thesis writing while ensuring academic integrity. It is important to follow a purposeful, ethical, transparent and critical approach. Lecturers may limit or guide the use of AI chatbot as appropriate. The thesis must clearly describe how the AI chatbot will be used and refer to it correctly. It is academic fraud to submit a text generated by an AI chatbot under your own name. The protection of personal data must also be respected and the accuracy and quality of the output of the AI chatbot must be checked.