Defended PhD Theses

Dissertationes Mathematicae Universitatis Tartuensis

Shahid Mubasshar. Natural vibrations of  curved nanobeams. Tartu, 2023

Alvin Lepik. On Morita equivalence of semigroups. Tartu, 2023

Mohammed Mainul HossainNumerical analysis of vibrations of nanobeams.Tartu, 2022

Andre OstrakDiameter two properties in spaces of Lipschitz functions. Tartu, 2022

Kristo VäljakoOn the Morita equivalence of idempotent rings and monomorphisms of firm bimodules. Tartu, 2022

Joonas SovaPairwise Markov models. Tartu, 2021

Hina ArifStability analysis of stepped nanobeams with defects. Tartu, 2021

Zahra AlijaniFuzzy integral equations of the second kind. Tartu, 2021

Katriin Pirk. Diametral diameter two properties, Daugavet-, and ∆-points in Banach spaces. Tartu, 2020

Rihhard NadelBig slices of the unit ball in Banach spaces. Tartu, 2020

Sumaira RehmanFast and quasi-fast solvers for weakly singular Fredholm integral equations of the second kind. Tartu, 2020

Priit LättInduced 3-Lie superalgebras and their applications in superspace. Tartu, 2020

Mikk Vikerpuur.  Numerical solution of fractional differential equations. Tartu, 2020

Gul Wali ShahSpline approximations. Tartu, 2019

Kristi Läll.  Risk scores and their predictive ability for common complex diseases. Tartu, 2019

Annika Krutto. Empirical Cumulant Function Based Parameter Estimation in Stable Distributions. Tartu, 2019.

Mart Kals. Computational and statistical methods for DNA sequencing data analysis and applications in the Estonian Biobank cohort.

Paul Tammo.  Closed maximal regular one-sided ideals in topological algebras. Tartu, 2018.

Kaur Lumiste.  Improving accuracy of survey estimators by using auxiliary information in data collection and estimation stages. Tartu, 2018.

Rauni Lillemets. Generating systems of sets and sequences. Tartu, 2017.

Silja VeidenbergLifting bounded approximation properties from Banach spaces to their dual spaces. Tartu, 2017.

Ülo ReimaaNon-unital Morita equivalence in a bicategorical setting. Tartu, 2017.

Liivika Tee. Stochastic Chain-Ladder Methods in Non-Life Insurance. Tartu, 2017.

Tiina Kraav. Stability of elastic stepped beams with cracks. Tartu, 2017.

Julia PolikarpusElastic plastic analysis and optimization of axisymmetric plates. Tartu, 2016.

Md RaknuzzamanNoncommutative Galois Extension Approach to Ternary Grassmann Algebra and Graded q-Differential Algebra. Tartu, 2016.

Alexander LiyvapuuNatural vibrations of elastic stepped arches with cracks. Tartu, 2016.

Johann LangemetsGeometrical structure in diameter 2 Banach spaces. Tartu 2015.

Kati AinCompactness and null sequences defined by ℓp spaces. Tartu 2015.

Helle HallikRational Spline Histopolation. Tartu 2015.

Kaido LättSingular Fractional Differential Equations and  Cordial Volterra Integral Operators. Tartu 2015.

Oleg KošikCategorical equivalence in algebra. Tartu 2015.

Kerli Orav-PuurandCentral Part Interpolation Schemes for Weakly Singular Integral Equations. Tartu 2014.

Elena Safiulina.Parallel and semiparallel space-like submanifolds of low dimension
in pseudo-Euclidean space. Tartu 2013.

Boriss VlassovOptimization of stepped plates in the case of smooth yield surfaces. Tartu 2013.

Esta KägoNatural vibrations of elastic stepped plates with cracks. Tartu 2013.

Erge IdeonRational spline collocation for boundary value problems. Tartu 2013.

Jevgeni Kabanov. Towards a more productive Java EE ecosystem. Tartu 2013.

Dan Bogdanov. Sharemind: Programmable Secure Computations with Practical Applications. Tartu 2013.

Vitali Retšnoi. Vector fields and Lie group representations. Tartu 2012.

Georg Singer. Web Search Engines and Complex Information Needs. Tartu 2012.

Marje Johanson. M(r,s)-ideals of Compact Operators. Tartu 2012.

Uuno Puus. Structural Performance as a Success Factor in Software Development Projects - Estonian Experience. Tartu 2012.

Reina Uba. Merging Business Process Models. Tartu 2011, 162 p.

Bingsheng Zhang. Efficient Cryptographic Protocols for Secure and Private Remote Databases. Tartu 2011, 202 p.

Natalja Lepik. Estimation of Domains under Restrictions Built upon Generalized Regression and Synthetic Estimators. Tartu 2011, 129 p.

Nade¸da Bazunova. Differential Calculus d^3=0 on Binary and Ternary Associative Algebras. Tartu 2011, 95 p.

Meelis Kull. Statistical Enrichment Analysis in Algorithms for Studying Gene Regulation. Tartu 2011, 147 p.

Dmitri Lepp. Solving Simplification Problems in the Domain of Exponents, Monomials and Polynomials in Interactive Learning Environment T-algebra. Tartu 2011, 198 p.

Margus Treumuth. A Framework for Asynchronous Dialogue Systems: Concepts, Issues and Design Aspects. Tartu 2011, 91 p.

Siim Karus. Maintainability of XML Transformations. Tartu 2011, 138 p.

Lauri Tart. Morita Equivalence of Partially Ordered Semigroups. Tartu 2011, 97 p.

Aleksei Lissitsin. Convex approximation properties of Banach spaces. Tartu 2011, 103 p.

Olga Liivapuu. Graded q-differential algebras and algebraic models in noncommutative geometry. Tartu 2011, 108 p.

Margus Niitsoo. Black-box Oracle Separation Techniques with Applications in Time-stamping. Tartu 2011, 170 p.

Mark Fišel. Optimizing Statistical Machine Translation via Input Modification. Tartu 2011, 104 p.

Marek Kolk. Piecewise Polynominal Collocation for Volterra Integral Equations with Singularities. Tartu 2010, 131 p.

Vesal Vojdani. Static Data Race Analysis of Heap-Manipulating C Programs. Tartu 2010, 136 p.

Larissa Roots. Free Vibrations of Stepped Cylindrical Shells Containing Cracks. Tartu 2010, 94 p.

Ahti Peder. Superpositional Graphs and Finding the Description of Structure by Counting Method. Tartu 2010, 87 p.

Indrek Zolk. The commuting bounded approximation property of Banach spaces. Tartu 2010, 107 p.

Jüri Reimand. Functional analysis of gene lists, networks and regulatory systems. Tartu 2010, 153 p.

Reimo Palm. Numerical comparison of regularization algorithms for solving ill-posed problems. Tartu 2010, 105 p.

Ants Kaasik. Estimating ruin probabilities in the Cramér-Lundberg model with heavy-tailed claims. Tartu 2009, 127 p.

Evely Leetma. Solution of smoothing problems with obstacles. Tartu 2009, 81 p.

Mart Anton. Mechanical modeling of IPMC actuators at large deformations. Tartu 2008, 120 p.

Kaarel Kaljurand. Attempto Controlled English as a Semantic Web Language. Tartu 2008, 159 p.

Kaja Sõstra. Restriction estimator for domains. Tartu 2007, 104 p.

Marina Issakova. Solving of linear equations, linear inequalities and systems of linear equations in interactive learning environment. Tartu 2007, 170 p.

Artur Sepp. Affine models in mathematical finance: an analytical approach. Tartu 2007, 147 p.

Ene Käärik. Handling dropouts in repeated measurements using copulas. Tartu 2007, 99 p.

Margus Pihlak. Approximation of multivariate distribution functions. Tartu 2007, 82 p.

Härmel Nestra. Iteratively defined transfinite trace semantics and program slicing with respect to them. Tartu 2006, 119 p.

Olga Panova. Real Gelfand-Mazur algebras. Tartu 2006, 82 p.

Annemai Raidjõe. Sequence spaces defined by modulus functions and superposition operators. Tartu 2006, 98 p.

Darja Saveljeva. Quadratic and cubic spline collocation for Volterra integral equations. Tartu 2006, 117 p.

Kristel Mikkor. Uniform factorization for compact subsets of Banach spaces of operators. Tartu 2006, 72 p.

Kristo Heero. Path Planning and Learning Strategies for Mobile Robots in Dynamic Partially Unknown Environments. Tartu 2006, 123 p.

Annely Mürk. Optimization of inelastic plates with cracks. Tartu 2006, 137 p.

Kadre Torn. Shear and bending response of inelastic structures to dynamic loads. Tartu 2006, 142 p.

Tanel Kaart. The reliability of linear mixed models in genetic studies. Tartu 2006, 124 p.

Natalia Saealle. Convergence and summability with speed of functional series. Tartu 2005, 91 p.

Inga Parts. Piecewise polynomial collocation methods for solving weakly singular integro-differential equations. Tartu 2005, 140 p.

Meelis Käärik. Fitting Sets to Probability Distributions. Tartu 2005, 90 p.

Kristiina Hakk. Approximation methods for weakly singular integral equations with discontinuous coefficients. Tartu 2004, 137 p.

Märt Möls. Linear mixed models with equivalent predictors. Tartu 2004, 70 p.

Mare Tarang. Stability of the spline collocation method for Volterra integro-differential equations. Tartu 2004, 90 p.

Tatjana Nahtman. Permutation invariance and reparameterizations in linear models. Tartu 2004, 91 p.

Olga Dunajeva. Asymptotic matrix methods in statistical inference problems. Tartu 2003, 78 p.

Vladimir Kuchmei. Affine completeness of some Ockham algebras. Tartu 2003, 100 p.

Mart Abel. Structure of Gelfand-Mazur algebras. Tartu 2003, 94 p.

Jan Villemson. Size-efficient interval time stamps. Tartu 2002, 82 p.

Rainis Haller. M(r,s)-inequalities. Tartu 2002, 78 p.

Tiina Puolakainen. Eesti keele arvutigrammatika: morfoloogiline ühestamine. Tartu, 2001, 138 p.

Ernst Tungel. Optimization of plastic spherical shells. Tartu, 2001, 90 p.

Maria Zeltser. Investigation of double sequence spaces by soft and hard analytical methods. Tartu, 2001, 154 p.

Olga Sokratova. Ω-strings, their flat and projective acts with some applications. Tartu, 2000, 120 p.

Varmo Vene. Categorical programming with inductive and conductive types. Tartu, 2000, 116 p.

Kaili Müürsepp. Eesti keele arvutigrammatika: süntaks. Tartu, 2000, 107 p.

Ella Puman. Optimization of plastic conical shells. Tartu, 2000, 102 p.

Jüri Lember. Consistency of empirical k-centres. Tartu, 1999, 148 p.

Helger Lipmaa. Secure and efficient time-stamping systems. Tartu, 1999, 56 p.

Krista Fischer. Structural mean models for analyzing the effect of compliance in clinical trials. Tartu, 1999, 124 p.

Jelena Auskele. Compactness of operators in Lorentz and Orlicz sequence spaces. Tartu, 1999, 72 p.

Märt Põldvere. Subspaces of Banach spaces having Phelps’ uniqueness property. Tartu, 1999, 74 p.

Valdis Laan. Pullbacks and flatness properties of acts. Tartu, 1999, 90 p.

Enno Saks. Analysis and optimization of elastic-plastic shafts in torsion. Tartu, 1996, 96 p.

Sergei Tupailo. Hibert’s epsilon-symbol in predicative subsystems of analysis. Tartu, 1996, 134 p.

Sander Hannus. Parametrical optimization of the plastic cylindrical shells by taking into account geometrical and physical nonlinearities. Tartu, 1995, 74 p.

Toomas Lepikult. Automated calculation of dynamically loaded rigidplastic structures. Tartu, 1995, 93. (in Russian).

Arne Kokk. Joint spectral theory and extension of non-trivial multiplicative linear functionals. Tartu, 1995, 165 p.

Toomas Kiho. Study of optimality of iterated Lavrentjev method and its generalizations. Tartu, 1994, 23 p.

Helle Hein. Optimization of plastic axisymmetric plates and shells with piece-wise constant thickness. Tartu, 1993, 28 p.

Ants Aasma. Matrix trasformations of summability and absolute summability fields of matrix methods. Tartu, 1993, 32 p.

Jüri Majak. Optimization of plastic axisymmetric plates and shells in the case of Von Mises yield condition. Tartu, 1992, 32 p.

Tarmo Soomere. Kinetic theory of Rossby waves. Tartu, 1992, 32 p.

Ants Tauts. Infinite formulae in intuitionistic logic of higher order. Tartu, 1992, 15 p.

Jaak Heinloo. Phenomenological (continuum) theory of turbulence. Tartu, 1992, 47 p.

Boris Komrakov. Primitive actions and the Sophus Lie problem. Tartu, 1991, 14 p.

Mati Heinloo. The design of nonhomogeneous spherical vessels, cylindrical tubes and circular discs. Tartu, 1991, 23 p.