Estonian Academy of Sciences Foundation awarded scholarships to Ülo Reimaa and Angela Peeb

Estonian Academy of Sciences Foundation awarded its scholarships for 2024 to Ülo Reimaa, a Research Fellow in Algebra at the University of Tartu Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, and Angela Peeb, a doctoral student in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Tartu.

Ülo Reimaa, one of Estonia’s young mathematicians with the most creative and broad outlook, received the €3,000 Young Scientist Scholarship to support his research. His research in algebra and category theory is also closely linked with computer science. Reimaa is most of all interested in applied category theory, which is currently very topical in several subfields of computer science. 

Angela Peeb received the €1,500 Tiit Talpsep Graduate Student Scholarship to support her studies. Since 2015, she has participated in research projects at the University of Tartu Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. In 2017, she joined the environmental microbiology and biotechnology research group, mainly focusing on studying the biodegradation of compounds released into the sea due to oil spills and related microbial communities in the Arctic and the Baltic Sea. 

The Estonian Academy of Sciences Foundation, established at the Estonian National Culture Foundation on 1 May 2006, aims to support the research work of young Estonian researchers with doctoral degrees. In 2009, the Tiit Talpsep scholarship was founded to support the research of master’s and doctoral students in the field of molecular microbiology and virology. 

More information is available on the Estonian Academy of Sciences’ website.

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