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TLT9 - The Ninth International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories

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Workshop on Annotation and Exploitation of Parallel Corpora (AEPC)

In recent years parallel corpora have become ever more useful for data-driven Machine Translation, Word Sense Disambiguation, or Cross-language Information Retrieval. Most of the time parallel corpora were used as raw texts (i.e. without any linguistic annotation) or with independent linguistic annotation (i.e. linguistic annotation that was applied to either language side without resort to the other). We believe that the full potential of parallel corpora will be reached when parallel corpora are aligned and annotated concurrently. Many research strands like the automatic creation of parallel treebanks and parallel parsing point in this direction. In particular the popularity of syntax-enhanced approaches to statistical machine translation and the rise of multilingual corpus linguistics indicate the relevance of this workshop at this point in time.

With this workshop we try to bring together researchers that work on annotating parallel corpora for various languages and purposes and researchers that explore such resources for various applications. The following research areas will be addressed:

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AEPC Submission Format

We ask for papers (min. length 6 pages - max. length 10 pages conforming to the TLT guidelines) describing research in the range of topics specified above. We welcome work in progress reports if they contain at least preliminary results.

The language of the AEPC Workshop is English, and all papers should be submitted in well-checked English. Papers should be submitted in PDF. Submissions should be made via the EasyChair AEPC Web page.

Program Committee

The following researchers have agreed to serve on the program committee:

For information on this workshop please contact volk at cl uzh ch.