Travel Information

The closest airports to Tartu are in Tallinn (190 km), Riga (250 km) and Helsinki (270 km).

From Tallinn to Tartu

There are numerous buses operating between Tallinn and Tartu every day (more than 60 departures). In Tallinn, the distance from Airport to Bus Station is 2 km. The bus ticket Tallinn-Tartu costs from EEK 90-120 (EUR 6 to 8), depending on the company. The time on the way is 2 hours 30 minutes. Timetable for buses.

There are very few trains from Tallinn to Tartu, see the timetable. Prices: I-st class ticket EEK 125 (EUR 8), II-nd class ticket EEK 90 (EUR 6).

From Riga to Tartu

There are two buses from Riga to Tartu every day, operated by Eurolines and Ecolines.

From Helsinki to Tartu

There are airplanes, helicopters and boats from Helsinki to Tallinn. In Tallinn You must take a bus or train to Tartu. We suggest to take a plane from Helsinki to Tallinn if You came to Helsinki by plane, because the port of Helsinki is quite far from the airport.

Visa Information

For visa information, please see this page.