We have pre-arrangements for accommodation at special prices with the following hotels: Hotel "Park" (50 meters from the building of the Faculty, smaller hotel with 18 rooms)
single room 600 EEK (38,35 EUR) for 1 night
double room 800 EEK (51,65 EUR) for 1 night
Hotel "Dorpat" (about 1 km from the building of the Faculty, large and very new hotel with 200 rooms, SPA, etc.)
single room 688 EEK (44 EUR) for 1 night
double room 848 EEK (54,20 EUR) for 1 night
You can visit the home-pages of these hotels for having an idea what they are like. For booking the rooms in one of these hotels You can either contact the hotels directly via e-mail (indicating that You are coming here for ICTAA, otherwise You have to pay the full price instead of the special price) and inform us about the reservation by e-mail or e-mail Your preferences about the room and hotel directly to Mart Abel ( and we will make a reservations for You. In case You prefer some other hotel, then You can always book the rooms there by yourself.
List of hotels, guest houses and hostels can be found here.

Approximate distances of hotels from the conference venue:
Park - 50m,
Dorpat - 1km,
Barclay - 500m,
Draakon - 500m,
London - 500m,
Pallas - 700m,
Tartu - 1km,
Aleksandri Hotell - 1,7km,
Hansahotell - 1,7km,
Starest - 4km,
Kantri - 5km,
Rehe - 5km,
Ihaste - 6km.