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Contents of volume 8 (2004)

Steen A. Andersson and G. Gerard Wojnar, The Wishart distributions on homogeneous cones 3
Alexander Andronov and Maxim Fioshin, Applications of resampling approach to statistical problems of logical systems 63
Barry C. Arnold and Robert J. Beaver, Alternative constructions of skewed multivariate distributions 73
Bronislaw Ceranka and Malgorzata Graczyk, Optimum chemical balance weighing design with diagonal matrix of errors based on balanced block designs 83
Daria Filatova, Marek Grzwaczewski and David McDonald, Estimating parameters of stochastic differential equations using a criterion function based on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistics 93
Meelis Käärik and Kalev Pärna, Fitting parametric sets to probability distributions 101
Tanel Kaart, About the data designs for estimation of genetic parameters in animal breeding studies 113
Raul Kangro, Kalev Pärna and Artur Sepp, Pricing European-style options under jump diffusion processes with stochastic volatility: applications of Fourier transform 123
Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Rimantas Rudzkis and Tomas Ruzgas, The projection-based multivariate density estimation 135
Martinsh Kleinhof, Yuri Paramonov and Alexandra Paramonova, Regression model based on Markov chain theory for composite fatigue curve approximation 143
Tõnu Kollo and Anne Selart, Density expansions for correlations and eigenvalues of the covariance matrix 155
Siegfried Kropf and Gerhard Hommel, New parametric and nonparametric multiple test procedures for high-dimensional data 169
Jürgen Läuter, Two new multivariate tests, in particular for a high dimension 179
Katrin Lokk and Kalev Pärna, On risk processes with double barriers 187
Märt Möls, On reparameterization of random effects in linear mixed models 195
Tõnu Möls and Tatyana Nahtman, Reparameterization and invariant covariance matrices of factors in linear models 201
Tõnu Möls and Marek Tuul, Differential and integral transformations of parametric functions in biometry 213
Richard Pincus, Preservation of stochastic order in R2 under random rotations 225
Kristiina Rajaleid, Multivariate finite population inference under the assumption of linear pattern in the population 235
Kaja Sõstra, Comparison of small area estimation methods: simulation study in EURAREA project 243
Muni S. Srivastava and Dietrich von Rosen, MANOVA with singular variance matrix 253
Imbi Traat, Approximate design-based variance of functions of covariance matrix 271
Ivan Žežula, The extended growth curve model - an overview with special reference to two components model 281